A Walk in Charlotte Amalie


Simone: “Today we went on a walk around Charlotte Amalie.  Although we weren’t able to get an official tour we were able to find our way around using our guidebook, and were fortunate to bump into several historians along the way.  We learned so much about the historic buildings as well as historic architecture.  What was really fascinating for me was that even hundreds of years later many of these buildings remain in very good shape.  That’s impressive considering how many destructive hurricanes have taken place since the 1700s!  My most memorable moment was walking up the 99 steps {but really it’s 103}.  I was thinking the whole way up how these are the same steps they were walking on in the 1700’s and now here I am today.  I also fantasized about people hundreds of years from today will probably still walk on these stairs.  That’s one sturdy staircase.  The stairs like many other buildings in the Virgin Islands were made of yellow bricks imported from Denmark.  These bricks were beautiful and their durability amazed me.”

Adam: “We started off by viewing Fort Christian, which is the oldest building in the US Virgin Islands.  It used to be a prison, police station, and court.  The color of the building was dark red with castle-like walls.”

Dawn: “We went to the Emancipation Park where learned about the freeing of the slaves and the indentured European servants.  We also went to the Frederik Lutheran Church and learned about how it is the oldest church building that was built between 1780 and 1793, financed by a free black parishioner, Jean Reeneaus. Then we went to the Government House,  where we all received free Government pads as a souvenir. Two black governors were running on their terms for St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas and Water Island. We also saw iguanas and this nice tree that was amazing looks like a flaky tree that sort of looks artificial but the way it was planted, which was near Hotel 1829 and Yellow-Brick Building. It was an amazing view and area to learn more about the different places that we went to. ”


Ben: “Finally, we went to the absolute most spectacular place ever which was St. Thomas Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in the country.”

Mary: “They have only missed one Friday night service in about 300 years.  The menorah  was actually brought from Morocco. “P1110619P1110621



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