We’re here!

We got to St. Thomas right on time, had a hot walk to our hotel, and now are ensconced at the Island Beachcomber Hotel.  Some went swimming right away, while others just appreciated the view of Lindberg Bay (named after Charles Lindberg, who apparently landed here on his trip around the world).  I made an attempt to put in a blog entry last night, but I think too many people were using the internet.  Early morning is apparently a better time.  We are about to have breakfast, pack up, and then will head over to the marina where we get on the Roseway!  We had a huge rainstorm last night, but today it is clear and gorgeous.  It is hard to believe that I started yesterday morning stoking up the fire in my house at 4 am after a day of skiing in fresh powder snow.

In the interest of speed I am going to forego trying to download pictures.  It’s time for coffee and breakfast and then herding up the crew.

For the next 5 days please go to Roseway’s site at worldoceanschool.org.


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