Annaberg Plantation Ruins

Written by the “A Watch”: Charlie Frost, Ian Pulsford, and Sushila K.C.

Today we explored the remains of a sugar plantation named the Annaberg Plantation.  A man named Bill Fisk (originally from Orange MA) started off the tour with background knowledge of the plantation.  As we walked around there were very interesting buildings, especially what they were made of.  They used coral pieces and sandstone, and the mortar was made of molasses, urine, and cow dung.The crops (sugar cane) were very hard to grow because the soil was very rough and you couldn’t dig very deep.  The plants were grown on the steep hillside above the plantation buildings to the south.

The view was magnificent and we could see Tortolla and Jost van Dyke.  In the days of the working plantation there was a bigger view because they had cut down all of the trees.  There was a tiny jail cell, and you could see sketches the jailed slaves made of ships in the harbor and the buildings nearby.

As we made our way around the corner there was a guy as tall as a giant with a coconut.  His name was Charles and he was a really great guy because of his knowledge of local plants and their uses.  He gave us a tour of the old-fashioned charcoal pit, where he makes his own charcoal.  He also showed showed us around his garden and gave us information on how each of these plants could be used for various ailments.  For instance, there was one plant that he said can be used to treat diabetes (made from a drink from the seeds).

We also visited a small kitchen space where Miss Olivia was making dumb bread which we got to taste.  Some people loved it, others thought it needed butter or cheese.  She also had a local juice that gave the bread a little flavor and moisture.

After the tour we went to see the school that was built for the slave children to attend, but it turns out that the schoolmaster was dismissed for being a pedophile, and it was not used much after that.

Now we’re back at our campground with a nice view of the ocean, and Sushila is trying her best to cut up the half coconut that Charles gave us, while everyone else is doing their homework and taking a nice break.


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