Brief Update

This is Meg writing, bringing you up to date on our latest adventures and place of residence.

On Thursday we volunteered for the Friends of the Park, clearing around a ruin (part of the Annaberg estate).  Sophie and I have been very impressed by the willingness of our students to jump into hard work with no complaints, and to keep at the work in spite of difficulties (in this case, nasty prickers called Catch and Keep, heat, and a daunting amount of jungle to clear).  When we started the ruins were fairly hidden by all of the growth, but now you can walk all around the ruins easily.  Here is a group shot (of some of our students and the volunteer leaders) when we were finishing up:


Yesterday after packing up at Cinnamon Bay Campground Sophie, Dan and I went into Cruz Bay and rented a “people mover” truck.  We went back to the campground to load up the students and their copious Stuff, and moved the gang over to the southeast side of the island, where we are staying at Concordia Eco Resort.  You may have heard of the term “clamping,” and that very much describes this place: glamorous camping.  We will be in awesome shape by the end of this stay, or at least our legs will, as the resort is set up a steep hillside, and the tents and buildings are connected by a network of steep stairs:


The students are sharing eco tents, which are quite cool looking, and Sophie, Dan and I are in a house that commands a breath-taking view of Ram Head peninsula.  The house works perfectly for group gathering, cooking/eating, and classroom space.  This picture is actually from the pool area below us:


Today the plan is to go to a morning yoga class, then go off for a hike along the peninsula.


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