The group has really delved into wellness activities recently, and in their coursework are relating their experiences to their readings (which include articles about mindfulness, eating healthy food, minimizing tech use, stress management, and resiliency).  Actually these discussions happen throughout our days, and the students have really shown great growth and understanding.  Not to mention a total willingness to do hard work and to go with the flow when we have to change plans.  It’s a great group, we have to say.  Here are some examples of what we have done:

We all participated in a yoga class on Saturday morning:

Sushila noted that before doing the yoga she could feel tension in her body, but after the yoga she felt refreshed and awakened, like she had a new self.  She quoted a reading she had which said it helps you to fully focus on her breath and mind, going from distress to de-stress, and going from dis-ease to ease.

We then went on a hike out Ram Head peninsula just below the resort area, which was a hot hike but we were rewarded by amazing views throughout, and especially at the end.  We searched the seas for signs of Roseway but alas did not see her, but we were able to get a great group shot:

Poor Charlie lost one of his favorite hats in the strong wind, but he was a model of resilience by just letting it go (and not pursuing it down a vertical abyss) and maintaining a positive attitude.  Actually he has a positive attitude in general, so it was no surprise to me that he responded this way.


Our group meal last night was cooked by some of the students, and was quite delicious and healthy.

Today we get in our bathing suits, slather up with sunblock, put on caps and fill water bottles, and head up to meet our kayak guides who will lead us on a kayak/snorkeling trips in Hurricane Hole.  I am hoping “C Watch” can tell you all about it tonight or tomorrow.

By the way, I just re-read the previous blogs and noticed I wrote “clamping” instead of “glamping”.  Glamping is more fun than clamping by far.




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