Arawak Expeditions Take Us To Hurricane Hole

Written by “C Watch”: Nick Indiano, Caitlin Fash, Jenna Pavucek

Monday we went to Hurricane Hole which is located in Coral Bay.  It is called Hurricane Hole because it is where the ships went when there was a hurricane coming because it is protected from the strong winds.  We went kayaking and snorkeling there for the day, led by staff from Arawak Expeditions.

Jenna said she really liked kayaking.  These kayaks were double kayaks with rudders steered by peddles that the back paddler controlled.  Caitlin said she really enjoyed seeing the different reefs and fishes that we got to see when we were snorkeling by the mangrove roots.  You could see how much reef life was growing among the roots.  Some of the fish were pretty big, some were schools of small blue fishes, Meg saw a baracuda, there was a lot of brain coral, but also some fire coral that we had to be careful to avoid.  There were many surgeon fishes, some flying fishes, and when we on the shore we saw a green turtle that kept coming up for air when it was feeding on the sea grass.  It was pretty windy, and after snorkeling for a while it got pretty cold.  They had sandwiches and salads for us as well as dessert, which had been packed in their kayaks.

Nick and Caitlin both noted how the water was so blue and clear that it allowed you to see right to the bottom.  Nick noted that we showed a lot of teamwork, particularly between each pair because they had to communicate with each other to paddle at the same time and steer correctly.  Nick says he would recommend this activity because it is a great way to explore the environment around you, including the trees and the sea life below us.  Caitlin wouldn’t necessarily recommend it because she didn’t like the kayaking as much, but she loved the snorkeling.  Jenna would definitely recommend the activity because of the kayaking.


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