Final Thoughts

This has been a great trip, with a great group of students.  They have really come together as a group, and have worked hard both in physical activities and in their coursework.  Here is a picture of their classroom at Concordia, with the fabulous view beyond:


Right now they are getting a little break before their afternoon class, during which they will hopefully plan a fun activity/presentation for new students that will happen on Thursday.

Today is reserved for finishing up work, planning final work, relaxing, having a final group dinner, and then packing up.  Tomorrow we leave Concordia at 7:30 am, and get a ride into town from Walter, our all-time favorite taxi driver (Dan and I brought the rental truck back this morning).  We then take the ferry to Charlotte Amalie, where we get to hang out for a little while before heading out to the airport.  We are supposed to get in to Boston at around 6 pm, then the Landmark shuttle brings them back to campus and deposits them at Campus Security so that they can pick up their room keys.  The shorts and short sleeve shirts and bathing suits will be put away, and warm clothing brought out again to fit our Vermont environment.


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